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'Reeves is a true bespoke tailoring house. Focused exclusively on only the highest quality work, bench made locally in New York. ... From Savile Row to NYC.'



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David Reeves

The CTDA is the oldest trade organization in the United States. Founded in 1880 in Columbus, Ohio, it was established as a venue through which ideas and techniques for design, pattern making, fitting, cutting and tailoring could be shared and exchanged. 125+ years later, the organization continues to thrive thanks to the demand for high quality custom clothing, a demand that is ever on the increase as affluent consumers everywhere seek customization in many aspects of their lives. CTDA members are able to address those needs not only with custom suits but with custom shirts, trousers and accessories as well.

Valued associate members provide goods and services including fabrics, cut-make & trim, tailoring, accessories and tools vital to its members. An accredited educational program was established five years ago and is available to members and those seeking to join the CTDA.

Today the membership includes distinguished master tailors, designers, custom clothiers and direct sellers, who create fine custom clothing for discerning clients throughout the United States.


David Reeves

Good service in terms of Bespoke clothing is not just about delivering a quality garment that fits well and looks amazing. Its also about building a relationship with the client and sometimes being able to mentor that client through stylistic choices. Some clients may know exactly what they want, others will give me carte blanche and then most will want some advice to inform there decision making process. This may take the form of a conversation, simple drawings, cloth sourcing and sampling or a little bit of light research. This weekend I compiled some images of white DJs as inspiration for a client of mine. This is quite light research and not meant to be anything groundbreaking or really in depth but its just something I can do to save the client the time of looking at DJs online for an hour. I thought it would make for an interesting post: Hi Jason. Here are some interesting white dinner jackets.

Okay this picture is pretty annoying but I quite like the look of the shawl collar. I wish it was one button though.

I think this satin trim is quite nice and the more cream color is good.

Its funny how you remember things Im  not really a fan of this narrow peak lapel.

This cut looks a lot like my dinner suit cut except I prefer more width on the peak. notice the link button?

I could not find many images of white DJs with black facing but here is an interesting example. A few more fashion brands seem to be doing this and its certainly a stronger look.

The classic DJ from Casablanca is actually double breasted and I think would be rather challenging to wear these days.

A White DJ with a nice shawl. This cloth is obviously more white than cream/off white.

The more cream color is looking quite attractive to me. The samples I will send you include a cream barathea. This looks very much like how I would do a peak lapel DJ.

I think I was actually responsible for this DJ. My inspiration was Bryan Ferry's DJ (below) but its a bit more flash with the satin lapels. The lapel shape didn't come out quite as good as the one below though and the button stance is higher. Its got a link button and the buttons are mother of pearl instead of covered.

This is just awesome love the shape of the shawl.

Too much to drink Dr Jones? This is actually one of the nicer ones I could find on the internet. Again I am more inclined to go for the wider lapel. If your wearing this in a more fashion way as a separate I think this will do the job better.

In summary I quite like the look of Bryan Ferry's DJ and the Indy DJ. Both are quite classic but have a bit of attitude with the lapel width and shape. The cream Barathea is looking more refined to me as well. Of course its your DJ so its up to you. I am more leaning towards the Indy myself especially if your looking to maybe wear it in an informal way.




David Reeves

The latest addition to the David Reeves stable of  tailoring services here in NYC. “Made To Measure” is an excellent introduction to  the world of custom tailoring. A large range of custom options are available for made to measure such as side tabs, colored linings, functioning cuff buttons, slanted pockets and ticket pockets. Currently Suits, vests, trousers, sport coats and chesterfield coats are available through this service. Each garment is laser cut and made in England.