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New York City

Reeves. Modern English Tailoring.

'Reeves is a true bespoke tailoring house. Focused exclusively on only the highest quality work, bench made locally in New York. ... From Savile Row to NYC.'



Modern English Tailoring

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David Reeves

Less Ron Burgundy and more Dean Martin or James Brown. This Burgundy summer suit has a three button fastening with hacking pockets and a ticket pocket to give it a more 60s vibe, not to mention it being half lined with a psychedelic laser print. The cloth is Dormeuil Silk and Linen which is very strong and light. Even if not worn as a suit, the jacket can be worn nicely with a white trouser and brown shoes. A less commercial color choice for sure but a rather fun piece for parties or maybe a trip to Vegas. photo%202-2


Burgundy suit





David Reeves

Here's a nice Bespoke Cashmere Overcoat that got finished up recently. These pictures were taken in the new shop by me with the Iphone 5 so unfortunately they aren't as good as they could be. My photographer is currently hanging out with the "back street boys" (of all people), somewhere in Europe and taking pictures of them for some reason or another. In any case I am enjoying working in the new space and its great that people can come in and take a look at all the interesting things that are at various stages of production. I hope to get some nicer photographs, showing off the shop soon. CASHOVERCOAT3