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David Reeves

Dressing truly stylish is probably not as much about clothes as people think. Attitude and confidence is absolutely key. Remember a couple of posts back when I said how long would it take for a Michael Caine reference? Well unfortunately here it comes! I watched the film "Harry Brown" a while ago and with the riots going on in London and other parts of the U.K I was reminded of this very dark film about England's "chav" culture. [youtube=]

I started watching with the commentary. One thing really stood out. Harry Brown gets up and theirs a shot of his trousers with turn ups (cuffs) on them. The young, hip, director and producer kind of snicker about the "old man trousers with turn ups" to which Sir Michael comments "turn ups are back!". He doesn't say that to slap them down its just a statement and he's absolutely right, around 2009 (when the film was made) we were seeing turn ups come back into fashion and we see a whole lot more of them now. Whats great about that statement though is the confidence. Sir Michael is indeed an old man now but rather than let the statement slide, he's informed and he's correct and he knows it. Having confidence in yourself and your look is truly what timeless style is about whatever your age.

As far as turn ups "being back" the trend is rather extreme. Large 2' cuffs or wider seems to be the default fashion buyer and blogger width. I personally am going for 1. 3/4 with 1. 1/2 being the more traditional width. I think the extra 1/4 makes the cuff look interesting without being overstated.

That really is going to be the last post to mention Michael Cain for a long time.

have a good week everybody, and best wishes to everyone back home affected by the events of last week.