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David Reeves

I posted about this three piece, custom tailored, suit that I made up some time ago. I was inspired to make it by Jack Carter's suit (played by Michael Caine) in the film "Get Carter".

It garnered quite a lot of positive attention and was noticed by Chris Laverty who is the writer of the excellent blog "Clothes on film". Chris was writing about Jack Carters suit and asked me if I could offer any assistance with his tailoring notes. I was happy to oblige.

Here is the link to Chris' finished post about this iconic suit, worn in an iconic film:

Here is the link to my original post about the suit inspired by Carter:

If your reading all this and your puzzled thinking Get Carter was an awful Sylvester Stallone film I suggest you check out the original which is indeed excellent:

If you would like to see a good Stallone film I can recommend for monsier; First blood, Cop land and the delightful "Cobra".

Now lets see how many blog posts I can do without a Michael Caine or Mohair reference.......