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Reeves. Modern English Tailoring.

'Reeves is a true bespoke tailoring house. Focused exclusively on only the highest quality work, bench made locally in New York. ... From Savile Row to NYC.'



Modern English Tailoring


David Reeves

IKB, International Klein Blue, Klein Blue or Industrial Klein Blue. Whatever you wish to call it my client has Bespoken the cloth above to be made into a suit. The cloth in question is a super 130s Merino wool from Australia but Milled in Huddersfield England. It is a Gaberdine which is a tightly woven cotton or in this case wool which produces a very dense flat color. I am quite looking forward to making this up because we also chose very interesting linings for the body and sleeves. The Client is letting me choose stylistically what the suit is going to look like. I haven't quite decided yet what I am going to do but I am thinking a slightly wide lapel. Toying with using white or Black stitching and envisioning a bit of a Bryan Ferry or "David Bowie suit" look.

The Client hedged his bets here and also ordered a pair of black trousers. I think this is going to turn out well but it will be a really, really strong looking color so he's probably 95% of the time going to wear it as a separate Summer jacket with the trousers which I think is a smart move.

For the less bold I have an IKB in cotton for shirts. Add white cotton trousers to taste.

For the less bold I also have a nice cotton from Acorn fabrics which makes for a nice summer shirt. Add white trousers and driving shoes to taste. IKB cannot accurately be displayed on TV or computer screens, theres something of "The Emperors new clothes" going on talking about these fabrics and their color on the internet

The Shirt pictured above has the Gaberdine in the background and you can really see how the screen has a hard time displaying the color.

I wonder if you can impose images onto this color like blue screen?