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Clients are always asking me about dry cleaning. I recommend that a suit only be dry cleaned when need be. With a wardrobe of 10 suits on rotation and if they are aired, brushed and looked after you can expect to use a dry cleaner once or twice a year for a suit. Dry Cleaning is not generally good for suits as the chemicals can dry out the natural oils in the wool, also colors have a tendency to fade and many cleaners may not know how to press a garment with a floating canvass. With a luxury garment when you do have it dry cleaned you need to take it to a cleaners that understands luxury. The only dry cleaner I trust with my own suits in New York is Madame Paulette.

This 50 year old company is really a leader in the field of garment care, they even restore fabrics and artifacts forensically for museums. Madame Paulette is known especially for couture cleaning and since I generally favor couture quality cloths in my clothing they are an obvious choice for me.

I have always particularly been interested in new technology and approaches in regards to cloth. I feel that all the ways to cover the human form have been done, so the only to move forward are with textiles. I have made clothing from super 220s, cloth infused with diamonds and Jade, Loro Piana's storm system, and Dormeuil Aquaplan (which uses nanotechnology) to name a few. These certainly are not the kind of fabrics you want to take anywhere to be looked after. Here is something Madame Paulette had to say on dealing with these emerging innovations and technologies;

"Each year, the dry cleaning industry is faced with increasing challenges as designs become more intricate, and new, innovative fabrics are developed. This can present a variety of difficulties in the care and cleaning of textiles. Madame Paulette and its skilled team are equipped to meet these challenges, continuing to set the standards for its industry. Each item is meticulously cleaned, no matter how large or how small the job may be. Whether a client brings in a blouse that met a glass of merlot, or a family heirloom rescued from an attic, Madame Paulette’s unprecedented dedication meets the needs of all its valued clients."

Madame Paulette is rather expensive (or it certainly can be) this is because they will go to any length to clean a garment once you give it to them. I read a review a while back where someones doorman accidentlly gave there deliverly man a bag of $40 laundry. MP cleaned everything meticulously, one example being a hand washed pair of knickers, the bill came to a total $500. Unless you are Monty Burns don't take regular laundry here. I recommend you always request a quote before any work is done and take full advantage of their pick up and delivery service which is free of charge.

David Reeves clients can also enjoy a 10% discount on cleaning services at MP simply bring you David Reeves garment you need cleaning to your next fitting and I will take care of everything and have the item delivered to a location of your choice.

Here is a link to their excellent website:

Stay spotless.