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Reeves. Modern English Tailoring.

'Reeves is a true bespoke tailoring house. Focused exclusively on only the highest quality work, bench made locally in New York. ... From Savile Row to NYC.'



Modern English Tailoring


David Reeves

David Reeves' shirts are all made in Manchester England. Manchester is a dear place to me. An exciting city today with great history and at one point the most technologically advanced city in the world. The Cotton industry and especially shirt making was huge here, being a centre of production for the British Empire and indeed the whole world. This is not the case today of course but there does still exist one small shirt making factory, Its the last to survive out of Hundreds perhaps Thousands and as such it survived mainly because it was one of the best.  This small factory has a total workforce of Ten men and women all native to Manchester, many of them have worked in shirt making all their lives, indeed Dave the current owner of the factory is a third generation shirtmaker.

I myself  have been having my personal shirts made at Dave's factory since I was 16 years old and I have never found a better manufacturer.

A David Reeves custom Shirt comes shipped from Manchester to New York starting at $225 with no minimum order. Each one features a bias cut, split back yoke, that is pattern matched with incredible skill, even on complicated checks (plaids). The shirts can be single or double stitched upon request, cuffs are hand gathered as standard, a method abandoned by even very high end shirt makers due to production time.

There are also no templates or stock styles to choose from in terms of collars, pockets and cuffs. This is truly custom so you can choose whatever style you like although there are certain favorites of mine personally, such as soft collars with long points or our take on the button down with a decidedly 60s vibe and a good "roll" to the collar. All cloths used are either English (Acorn) or Italian (Loro Piana) in origin.

I will be posting some pictures of the shirts themselves with some examples of styling on Friday in part 2